History of the Taj Mahal, Agra India.

The history of the Taj Mahal is one of the great love stories of the world. It begins with Mumtaz Mahal's tragic end.

It took 22 years for the Taj Mahal to be completed. Shah Jahan fulfilled her wish, creating the most beautiful mausoleum the world had ever seen.

Some Quick Facts: On a platform 22' high and 313' square. Corner minarets 137' tall. Main structure 186' on a side, dome to 187'. The mausoleum is 57 m (190 ft) square in plan. "The central inner dome is 24.5 m (81 ft) high and 17.7 m (58 ft) in diameter, but is surmounted by an outer shell nearly 61 m (200 ft) in height." —Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture. p630.

The minarets are 2 degrees off center, leaning towards the outside, thus will not fall on the Taj during an earthquake. Every design is carved in marble and inlaid with precious stones. None of it is painted. The precious stones were sourced from China, Yemen and Persia. The marble came from Rajasthan. Every flower on the walls is drooping to mourn the dead queen.


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